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St. Cecilia: The Elektra Recordings is the only studio album by Stalk-Forrest Group, who would later become Blue Öyster Cult. It was released on April 23, 2001, by Rhino Entertainment.

The album contains material recorded under Elektra Records, most of which had not been previously released. Tracks 1–9 are taken from the unreleased EKS-74046, recorded as Stalk-Forrest Group in 1970. Tracks 10–16 are taken from earlier sessions under the name Oaxaca, recorded in 1969. Tracks 17 and 18 are from the EKM-45693 single, released in 1970 in a run of only 5,000 copies.


Stalk-Forrest Group

  • Eric Bloom (Jesse Python) – lead vocals, guitar
  • Donald Roeser (Buck Dharma) – lead guitar, vocals
  • Allen Lanier (La Verne) – keyboards, guitar
  • Andy Winters (Andy Panda) – bass, acoustic guitar ("St. Cecilia")
  • Albert Bouchard (Prince Omega) – drums, vocals


  • Dennis Murphy
  • Peter Seigel
  • Jay Lee

Track listing

# Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1 What Is Quicksand? Meltzer, Lanier Bloom 3:19
2 I'm on the Lamb Pearlman, Bloom, A. Bouchard Bloom 3:00
3 Gil Blanco County Pearlman, Lanier Bloom 3:37
4 Donovan's Monkey Meltzer, A. Bouchard Bloom 3:44
5 Ragamuffin Dumplin' Meltzer, A. Bouchard Bloom 5:12
6 Curse of the Hidden Mirrors Meltzer, A. Bouchard Bloom 3:17
7 Arthur Comics Meltzer, A. Bouchard Roeser 3:11
8 A Fact About Sneakers Meltzer, A. Bouchard Bloom 7:53
9 St. Cecilia Pearlman, A. Bouchard, Winters Roeser 6:48
10 Ragamuffin Dumplin' (Original Version) Meltzer, A. Bouchard Bloom 5:19
11 I'm on the Lamb (Original Version) Pearlman, Bloom, A. Bouchard Bloom 2:54
12 Curse of the Hidden Mirrors (Original Version) Meltzer, A. Bouchard Bloom 3:17
13 Bonomo's Turkish Taffy Meltzer, A. Bouchard Roeser 2:14
14 Gil Blanco County (Original Version) Pearlman, Lanier Bloom 3:37
15 St. Cecilia (Original Version) Pearlman, A. Bouchard, Winters Roeser 6:47
16 A Fact About Sneakers (Original Version) Meltzer, A. Bouchard Bloom 3:10
17 What Is Quicksand? (MONO Single Version) Meltzer, Lanier Bloom 3:21
18 Arthur Comics (MONO Single Version) Meltzer, A. Bouchard Roeser 3:10
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