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"Debbie Denise" is the tenth track from Blue Öyster Cult's fourth studio album, Agents of Fortune. Its lyrics appear to describe a man's regret at neglecting his spouse.


Blue Öyster Cult

  • Eric Bloom - lead vocals, guitar, percussion
  • Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser - lead guitar, vocals, synthesizer, percussion
  • Allen Lanier - keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals
  • Joe Bouchard - bass, piano, vocals
  • Albert Bouchard - drums, vocals, guitar, percussion, harmonica


  • David Lucas - producer, engineer
  • Murray Krugman - producer, engineer
  • Sandy Pearlman - producer, engineer
  • Shelly Yakus - engineer
  • Andy Abrams - engineer
  • Tony Stevens - mastering
  • John Berg - design
  • Andy Engel - design
  • Lynn Curlee - cover art


She kept the light open all night long
For me to come home and sing her my song

Oh Debbie Denise was true to me
She’d wait by the window so patiently
And I’d come on home with my hair hangin’ down
She’d pin it up and softly smile

But I was out rollin’ with my band
I was out rollin’ with my band

I never realized she was so undone
I didn’t suspect she had no life of her own

She was so true but she was a she
She was just there and I would just come
Stumblin’ in she didn’t show me she cared
I didn’t care ’cause she was just there

And I was out rollin’ with my band
Yeah, I was out rollin’ with my band

I wouldn’t come home for weeks at a time
She couldn’t accept she was free

Oh Debbie Denise was true to me
She’d wait by the window so bitterly
Wantin’ me to come close
I guess I noticed
I couldn’t see, so what could I say

What more affection could I show her
I had only one thing on my mind
When I came to her she’d pin back my hair
And out past the fields out the window I’d stare

Where I was out rollin’ with my band
Yeah, I was out rollin’ with my band
Yeah, I was out rollin’ with my band do do do do do do do do
I was out rollin’ with my band la la la la la la la la la
I was out rollin’ with my band do do do do do do do do
I was out rollin’ with my band la la la la la la la la la
I was out rollin’ with my band 


  • This song was originally a poem by Patti Smith. Changes were made from the original poem, including:
    • "Rollin' with my man" became "rollin' with my band."
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