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Club Ninja is the tenth studio album by Blue Öyster Cult. It was released on December 10, 1985 by Columbia Records. The album peaked at No. 63 on the Billboard Hot 200 in February 1986 and held for two weeks.

This is the first album to not feature Allen Lanier, as Tommy Zvonchek replaced him prior to the album's recording. After The Revölution by Night's failure to reach Gold, Club Ninja fell short of Gold as well.


Blue Öyster Cult

  • Eric Bloom – lead vocals, guitar
  • Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser – lead guitar, vocals, keyboards
  • Joe Bouchard – bass, vocals, guitar
  • Tommy Zvonchek – keyboards, synthesizers, piano, organ
  • Jimmy Wilcox – drums, vocals

Additional musicians

  • Thommy Price – drums
  • Phil Grande – guitar
  • Kenny Aaronson – bass
  • David Lucas – background vocals
  • Joni Peltz – background vocals
  • Dave Immer – background vocals
  • Joe Caro – background vocals
  • Howard Stern – spoken introduction ("When the War Comes")


  • Sandy Pearlman – producer, management
  • Paul Mandl – engineer, overdubs editor, programming, electronic wizardry
  • Toby Scott – engineer
  • John Devlin – engineer
  • David Lucas – aiding and abetting pre-production and background vocal arrangements
  • Brian McGee – mixing
  • Corey Davidson – keyboard consultant
  • Special thanks to Bruce Slayton, Don DeVito, Denise Gatto, Lisa Kramer, Andrea Finkelstein, George Geranios, Robin Scott, Marsha Vlasic, Bell Elson, Neil Warnock, Huw Price, Del Furano, ESP guitars and basses (Stephen Kaufman, Toshi Hayakawa), Sam Ash Music, Bruno Engl and Engl Digital Amps, St. Blues Guitars (Norwalk, CN), Veneman Music Training by Karate Center of Champions New York, Sensei Tokey Hill, Sensei Howard Frydman
  • Don Ivan Puntchaz – cover illustration
  • Frank Lovelace – logo design

Track listing

# Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
Side one
1 White Flags Hugh Leggatt, Gordon Leggatt Bloom 4:41
2 Dancin' in the Ruins Larry Gottlieb, Justin Scanlon Roeser 4:00
3 Make Rock Not War Bob Halligan, Jr. Bloom 3:58
4 Perfect Water Roeser, Jim Carroll Roeser 5:31
5 Spy in the House of Night Roeser, Meltzer Roeser 4:23
Side two
6 Beat 'Em Up Bob Halligan, Jr. Bloom 3:24
7 When the War Comes J. Bouchard, Pearlman Bouchard/Roeser 6:02
8 Shadow Warrior Bloom, Roeser, Eric van Lustbader Bloom 5:42
9 Madness to the Method Roeser, Dick Trismen Roeser 7:25
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